General Registration for the inaugural race is SOLD OUT! Charity bibs are now available!

Purchase a charity bib and support our official charity partners. You get to run, they get support for their great works.  It’s a win-win! Please click here for more information.

Across the Bay 10k Announces the CLEARSHARK | KIDS RUN!

On June 14 we'll open up registration for our kids run. Presented by ClearShark, children 12 and under are invited to run out on the field of the Navy-Marine Memorial Corps Stadium during our runner's expo on Saturday, November 8th! Space is limited, so be sure to register early. Entries are $25 each, so please click here for more information.

Welcome Sponsors!

We want to welcome ALL of the amazing SPONSORS of the 2014 Across The Bay 10k. Email Sparrow Rogers if your company is interested in sponsoring the race.



Personal messages to/from your friends & family

Shoutouts are a fun way to leave short personal messages for your friends and family on our site. Click here to leave your message today!

-From My-O-My to Booper
"You are awesome girl - you got this. Have fun and see you at the finish line.
-From Linda Ann Johnson to Stephanie Stotler
"Big Higs!!!!"
-From Laura LBSB to Phil Allen
"You can do it Chet! ChaCha on the move!"
-From ChaCha to Chet
"Welcome to my 44th birthday all!!!!!"
-From Gilbert Evans to All runners
"I except Selfie's while you run! "
-From Molly to Dave
"You are all winners! "
-From Elaine B to Jerry S
"Run Forrest run!"
-From D to H
"How's that trg. coming? Let's get moving won't be long now "
-From Karen Miglio to Kevin Zichos Susan Zichos
"Have a blast! Sorry I am not able to join you."
-From D to H
"BOOM We will be all up on this bridge! you ladies RAWK"
-From Shoozy to Maniac and O So Cute
"Run Mike Run, this Bridge can't stop you! 63 yrs young! "
-From Jared Schierbaum to Big Mike
"Thanks for joining me in this Epic Race. You girls "rock" ! "
-From Mary Cappadocia to Chris Kayla and Margaret
"Mom is so proud of you three! You keep me running! :)"
-From Laura Evans to Aidan, Liam, and Zoe
"Let's do it like we did it before!"
-From Bigwave to CraftyJane
"I hope all my running buddies join me on this adventure!"
-From A Rau to Running bddies
"Is this a big enough anniversary party for you?"
-From Sparrow to Charles
"YOU LADIES ROCK! WE will be runnin' that bridge!"
-From Shoozy to Morrisville BGR
"So excited to run with my daughter during her first 10K!"
-From Dad to Rachel
"Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy Disney World!"
-From Becca to John and Christine Butto
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