Personal messages to/from your friends & family

Shoutouts are a fun way to leave short personal messages for your friends and family on our site. Click here to leave your message today!

"Wooo hooo congratulations on your first race!"
-From Mark and Carol S. to Joanne M.
"Meet Me at the End!!!!!"
-From TamTam to Ginny Maria Linda
"I can't wait to do this with you! You're the best :)"
-From Mom to Morgan
"really looking forward to the live music afterwards."
-From Keith to all
"Wohoo girl - have fun and you rock. See you at the finish line."
-From Linda Ann Johnson to Shelly McCann
"This time we'll run on the bridge and soon sail under it! "
-From Pepperr to TZ
"You can do it Chet! ChaCha on the move!"
-From ChaCha to Chet
"You still getting some miles in. Race is 3 months away."
-From jim trimble to adam hall
"Can't wait to run with you girls! Love you both!
-From Julie LaRubbio to Riley and Jennifer
"We\'re so proud of you baby and can\'t wait to be there for you!! Keep it up !"
-From Jermaine & Selene to Daena
"Can't wait to run across the bay with you!! "
-From Jen to Kim
"So excited to run with my daughter during her first 10K!"
-From Dad to Rachel
"Thanks for making this the best 40th bday ever! Love u guys!"
-From Amanda to Team JAM'R & Crew
""Everywhere we go people wanna know WHO we are!" Warriors! "
-From Tory D to Andrea Skilinski (BESSEL)
"This is going to be soooooooooooo much fun! "
-From Kristi Santee to R.J. Winkler Dawn Winkler
"How's that trg. coming? Let's get moving won't be long now "
-From Karen Miglio to Kevin Zichos Susan Zichos
"BOOM We will be all up on this bridge! you ladies RAWK"
-From Shoozy to Maniac and O So Cute
"So proud of u!I hope that it is the 1st of many races 4 us!"
-From Jenn to Stephanie McConville
"Thank you for opening my world to running. I love you!"
-From Peter to Lucka
"I'm giddy in anticipation! This will be my first 10k! Can't wait!"
-From S.Montebell to All
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